Kansans for Fair Courts

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In attacking the courts, anti-court politicians have exposed their political power grab to Kansans.

The vast majority of Kansans oppose efforts to change the Kansas Constitution and politicize our courts. Kansans for Fair Courts is designed to defend the Supreme Court, expose these anti-court tactics and keep our courts free and fair for all Kansans.

Kansans for Fair Courts is an initiative of the Kansas Values Institute. Every dollar that you contribute to the Kansas Values Institute will allow us to get our message out to Kansans in all 105 counties across the state. It's about protecting our way of life. It's about open and transparent government. And, it's about ensuring free and fair courts for all Kansas.

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Thank you for your support of the Kansas Values Institute. The Institute is organized as a nonprofit organization under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Kansas Values Institute will engage in issue advocacy and grassroots lobbying to advance Kansas values and support its core mission. There are no limits on the amount that may be contributed to the Kansas Values Institute by an individual, corporation, union or trade association. Any person or entity that contributes $5,000 or more to a 501(c)(4) organization must be disclosed to the Internal Revenue Service on Form 990. However, the IRS does not make these donor disclosures available to the general public. As a reminder, contributions to the Kansas Values Institute are not deductible as a charitable donation. However, contributions may be deductible, in part, as a business expense. For details, please consult your tax advisor. We estimate that 20% of contributions are used for lobbying-related purposes. The Institute's Federal Tax ID is 45-2621342. The Kansas Values Institute values the privacy of its donors and holds donor information in strict confidence. It is the Institute's policy to not release or publicize donor information.